Echo Multi Purpose Helmet


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Genuine Echo Multi Purpose Helmet

Built for forestry.

The ECHO multi-purpose helmet is made for professionals who work with power tools on a daily basis. This means not only safety, but comfort are paramount. With comfortable, easy fastening straps (including a chin strap) and a visor that can be lifted fully out of sight, your dexterity on the job will be unimpeded.


The ECHO multi-purpose helmet combines head, face and hearing protection to the following standards:

EN 12492, EN 397:2012 Head protection, EN 1731:2006 Face protection, EN 352-3:2002 Hearing protection – SNR 23 dB


The UV marker on the rear indicates when you need to replace the helmet. Lifespan is between 3 -5 years. It is crucial that safety helmets are not used beyond their lifespan as the plastic loses its durability and protection offered diminished drastically.