Camon LS52 Lawn Scarifier

The new CAMON LS52 Lawn Scarifier has been developed to offer a larger version of our best-selling LS42. Offering a host of features to provide outstanding performance and efficiency, the new LS52 excels at ridding your lawn of thatch and moss. It is one of the only pedestrian scarifiers available with the ability to switch between a range of cartridges.

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The CAMON LS52 can be supplied with a choice of cartridges. Choose from the Lawn Scarifier fitted with free-swinging blades, the Lawn Rake fitted with springs, the Lawn Slitter fitted with fixed blades, or the Lawn Renovator fitted with renovation blades. Each cartridge is designed to produce outstanding results in different applications.

The CAMON LS52 features a powerful and reliable Honda GX200 petrol engine which rotates the tines at high speed to pull out the maximum amounts of thatch from your lawn.

There are many features that have been incorporated into the design of the LS52 to help make it an unbeatable scarifier. The LS52 has the ability to operate four different cartridges each offering specific benefits, it has the option of enhanced anti-vibration mounts which lower vibration significantly, the blade height adjustment has been improved, and the handlebars have a new design too.